Discovery_News_Paper_HeaderWritten by: Chuck Anderson of Discovery News

The size and complexity of the universe is truly astounding, and it is constantly revealing its unique design.


In 1610, the well-known astronomer Galileo peered through his telescope and discovered four moons orbiting around the planet Jupiter. They are called the “Galilean Moons” named after Galileo. We now know that Jupiter has at least sixty-three moons. Saturn also has a number of moons — sixty of them in all!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to look up into the night sky and see sixty moons orbiting our earth?

But there is an important lesson to learn from all those moons on Jupiter and Saturn. Scientists are amazed that they are not all orbiting in the same direction!

One-third of their primary moons have retrograde (backward) motion, opposite to the rotational direction of their planets.

This casts some serious doubt on the feasibility of the “Big Bang” theory of the beginning of the universe, because everything should be spinning and orbiting in the same direction if they all came from the same “big bang” energy source.

Both Uranus and Venus rotate backwards, compared to the other planets orbiting our sun. The other seven planets rotate forward in relation to their respective orbits. This could not have happened if it all began with a BIG BANG!


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  1. Donald Sculley

     /  April 18, 2015

    God made it all!

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