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America sent its first Apollo Spacecraft to the moon on May 30, 1966. It was designed to send back photographs of the moon’s surface in preparation for a manned flight which would make history in July, 1969.

P10-Moon1The Surveyor I Lunar Lander was equipped with large landing pods on long landing feet because many scientists were concerned about the cosmic dust that accumulates on the moon. At the present measurable rate of solar dust that is quietly settling upon both the moon and earth, scientists calculated that the dust could be as much as 54 feet deep , built up over the past 4.5 billion years.


Astronaut Neil Armstrong takes a “big step for mankind” as he steps onto the lunar surface. History was made on July 20, 1969.

The moon is much younger than NASA scientists imagined!

When the first Apollo 11 manned space craft landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, the austronauts and scientists were amazed that the surface of the moon is rock solid with just about 1/8″ of accumulated solar dust! That would indicate that the moon was approximately 8,000 years old instead of 4.5 billion years old as per the speculations of evolutionary scientists and philosophers.


Another scientific calculation that is troubling to the evolutionary calendar is the fact that the moon is very gradually receding away from planet earth. The distance from the moon to the earth is increasing every year by approximately 2 inches. Two inches per year is not much, but if you multiply that by 4.5 billion years as suggested by evolutionists, the moon would be nearly out of sight by now!

Is it possible that the evolutionary time table is wrong and that the moon and earth are only thousands of years old as taught in the Biblical account of creation?


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