Look At The Inside Of An Ancient Volcano

Discovery_News_Paper_HeaderWritten by: Chuck Anderson of Discovery News

Ship Rock

Evidence Of A World-Wide Flood?


Like a majestic ship at sea, Ship Rock is truly one of the wonders of the world!

You can see this amazing rock formation in northwest New Mexico on the great Navajo Reservation.

The remarkable thing about Ship Rock is that it is not made of sandstone like so many of the other beautiful monuments in the area. Ship Rock is composed of fractured volcanic rock called “minette.” The black formation juts up 1,583 feet above the surrounding high-desert plain, 50 miles south of Cortez, Colorado.

Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia, reports that scientists have concluded that Ship Rock was once a “volcanic plug” formed when magma of molten rock hardened in the vent of an active volcano. Similar rock formations that were once active volcanoes can be seen all over the world. Other well known “volcanic plugs” in the United States include Devils Tower in Wyoming, Morrow Rock in California and Lizard Head in Colorado.

When I visited Ship Rock years ago, I thought it was a rock formation that had been thrust up out of the desert sands, similar to the way the Rocky Mountains were formed. I was wrong. Ship Rock is the hardened lava of a volcano, the outside dome of which was miraculously eroded away, apparently by a huge flood, leaving a massive monument that is visible for over 100 miles on a clear day.

If this huge rock formation was once a hardened magma plug on the inside of a volcano, we have to ask the question:

“What happened to the rest of the volcano? Where is the dome or the outside of the volcano?”

Evolutionary philosophers claim that the Ship Rock volcano erupted millions of years ago and that it took 20 to 30 million years for the outer portions of the volcano to slowly erode away.

Evidence throughout the desert southwest, however, confirms that a massive flood eroded away huge amounts of rock and soil deposits in an amazingly short period of time and washed them downstream through the Grand Canyon.

P5-ShipRock2As flood waters raged across the exterior dome of the volcano, lava rocks and mud were swept away. The lava rocks from the Ship Rock volcano can still be seen down stream along the Dolores River!


P5-ShipRock4QUESTION: Was there really enough water to flood the entire earth as described in the Bible?
ANSWER: If the surface of the earth were flat with no mountains nor deep ocean valleys, there would be over 8,800 feet of water covering the entire globe! That’s a lot of water!

Many researchers now believe that most large mountain ranges, like the Rockies, were thrust up causing the flood waters to quickly drain and carve out massive canyons like the Grand Canyon.


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