Praises For What God Has Done In Your Life!

Let Others Rejoice With You…

Give Praise to The Lord

This section is a place for you to tell us how God has blessed you, your family or anyone that you know that God has done a great work in. It might be physical healing, salvation, psychological healing or any other manner of blessing.

God is AWESOME and is capable of anything and He wants us to give Him the credit for what He has done or He may not help us with other things next time. Brag on God! Let others know how GREAT He is! Your story may also help others to realize where God is working in their own lives and it just might become contagious.

Prayer Warriors and other Christians who care: Read through the Praises and if you rejoice with the writer of the Praise, press the thumbs up symbol to indicate that you Praise God along with them. Be an encouragement to someone else.

If you would rather give a praise but don’t want to say who you are, you can use the Contact form below to send an email to us at Christians Are Us and let us know your praises and we will post it under our name so that you remain anonymous.  We just really want to hear from you (and you know that you really want others to rejoice with you, too).  We just want to know how God is working in and around you!

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