Armed To Be Dangerous

Ephesians 6:11 —
“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye
may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

The spiritual life is full of confrontations with the enemy — the Devil, Satan, the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, Father of Lies, etc. — that challenge our standing with God and make us doubt our salvation and since there are 6 days between times that we go to church, there are many times that this happens within the week until we can get a one to two-hour session of God’s word that may or may not actually deal with anything that you have dealt with in the previous week.  Where does that put you?

This section is intended to help you find a way that you can go; somewhere that might help you find a way to combat those fiery arrows that he is shooting at you and you can get some Bible references that you can claim to defend yourself against those temptations that are being put in front of you.

I will be dealing with some things (but not limited to only them) that have been brought to my attention that should be dealt with among teens and young Christians.  They will include:  Abortion, Accountability, Adultery, Alcohol, Anger, Anxiety, your Appearances, Assurance of Salvation, Attitude, Backsliding, Bad Attitude, Baptism, Beauty, Bitterness, Clothing, Compassion, Conceit, Confession, Confidence, Dancing, Demons, Depression, Discouragement, Divorce, Faith, Flattery, Forgiveness, Friends, Gambling, Giving, Grief, Gluttony, Heaven, Hell, Homosexuality, Honesty, Humility, Hypocrisy, Love, Lust, Marriage, Money, Music, Obedience, Pride, Prophecy, Respect, Resurrection, Revenge, Satan, Salvation, Self-Control, Sex Immorality, Sex Outside of MarriageSexual Immorality, Temptation, Thankfulness, Trust, War, The Will of God (how to find, know and obey), Witnessing, Worship.

There is a lot that I will have to do with this section and I hope you will bear with me as I get it produced.  If you have any suggestions as to which ones of the above you might like to see first, please comment below to let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.  Some of the topics above I may choose to roll into one actual post.  I will probably choose to add or subtract from the above list as the need arises.

I will be adding links below and striking out the topics above (topic) as the posts are being produced.

©2013 Mark Davis



Assurance of Salvation










Sexual Immorality

Sex Outside of Marriage

The Will of God (how to find, know and obey)


Temptation – coming soon

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