Unto him that hath, Thou givest,

Ever “more abundantly.”

Lord, I live because Thou livest,

Therefore give more life to me;

Therefore speed me in the race;

Therefore let me grow in grace.

Deepen all Thy work, O Master,

Strengthen every downward root,

Only do Thou ripen faster.

More and more, Thy pleasant fruit.

Purge me, prune me, self  abase,

Only let me grow in grace.

Jesus, grace for grace outpouring,

Show me ever greater things;

Raise me higher, sunward soaring,

Mounting as on eagle-wings.

By the brightness of Thy face,

Jesus, let me grow in grace.

Let me grow by sun and shower,

Every moment water me;

Make me really hour by hour

More and more conformed to Thee,

That Thy loving eye may trace,

Day by day my growth in grace.

Let me then be always growing,

Never, never standing still;

Listening, learning, better knowing

Thee and Thy most blessed will,

Till I reach Thy holy place,

Daily let me grow in grace”.

— Francis Ridley Havergal, 1836-1879


©2012  Mark Davis

Letter From Our Pastor – Growing In Grace

Dear Believer,

The most important decision any person can make is to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour and thus become a child of God. We rejoice that you have done this.


The Bible teaches that you need to grow in God’s grace. You have been born again by faith in Christ (John 3:3). As a Christian, you are born spiritually and need to grow in grace.

Dr. Ed Nelson, Author Growing In Grace

Dr. Ed Nelson, Author Growing In Grace

“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby”.  — I Peter 2:2

The purpose of this book with its thirteen lessons is to help you grow in the Lord. We are anxious to help you in any way that we can. Do not be afraid to ask some questions. Many of these things are completely new to you, and you will need help in understanding. But remember, they were new to us once, and we also needed help.

May the Lord give you understanding and produce spiritual growth in your life.

Yours and His,

Pastor Ed Nelson

Copyright 1986 by The Mile-Hi Evangelist Press

©2012  Mark Davis

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Growing in Grace – Table of Contents


Growing in Grace – Preface

The title and theme of this book is:

“Growing in Grace.”


This book is designed to help you grow spiritually now that you have been saved by trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. You grow as you feed on God’s Word and learn the truths concerning Christ and the Christian life.

We have designed this book so that it can be taught in a regular class or used by believers in one-on-one discipleship.  You have assignments to study to help you understand the truths of the Word of God. There are also memory verses to accompany each lesson. I recommend that you memorize the verses each week and then by memory daily for seven weeks. The memory verses are on cards. There are also blank cards so that you can write down additional verses as suggested. You can memorize two or three verses a week. By reviewing them daily for seven weeks (49 days), you will find that they become your verses for life.

As you begin this study, we recommend that you memorize our title verse, II Peter 3:18. It is the first printed verse in your packet. Then you have printed verses for each week and blank cards on which you can write other suggested verses.

Do answer the questions each week and memorize the verses. These will be a great help for your growth in the Lord.

May God bless you in this study.

–Pastor Ed Nelson, Author

Letter from the Editor:

Since this is a blog and not in a formal book form, I will be breaking the lessons apart in a way that it will be easier for study: you will have one post as the “Lesson” and it will be followed by “Assignments”. Some of the lessons could actually be very lengthy otherwise. I still recommend memorizing the verses as stated and suggested as well as answering the questions.

Since this is a blog, you will have a chance to ask questions and start a discussion on the topic at hand. I will attend to the questions and comments as they come in and try to promptly answer any comment that requires an answer (questions).

Remember, start memorizing II Peter 3:18 now.  Please be faithful to God and yourself by continuing with the lessons.

I pray that you will benefit as much from this study as I do by presenting it to you. I know that Pastor Nelson is/will be pleased to know that you are benefiting from this study as he designed it.

God’s best for you,

Mark Davis, Editor

©2012  Mark Davis

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Growing in Grace – Table of Contents

Growing in Grace – A Letter From Our Pastor

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