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  1. Great blog post


  2. Reblogged this on Marcus' s Space and commented:
    The message in those pictures has been told in many different ways, but I like this one, so I would not mind sharing it with those who come along here.
    Many do not question what they hear on the wireless, but the Blogger God is one who they not trust, often because He points out to things where people have to think about, … and thinking about something … making your own opinion seems to be so weird and dangerous …. Lots of people prefer to stand at the site and just to be onlookers not having to respond to what is happening.
    The Creator of the universe demands of His creation personal interest and guts to come out; Some may say that Christians may not be involved in politics but they forget that does not mean that they have to let everything happen and do not have to have the pluck to do something in this world.
    Being a Christian is being a doer. Believing in the unseen, and trusting in the Word of the Omnipotent, willing to bring that Word further in the news and bringing out all over the world the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.



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