I Have a Wonderful Attorney

I was in need of an attorney at one time and He came to me in my time of need. As the story goes here, my attorney bailed me out of jam after jam and he also went to bat for me to the “Judge” and remarkably redeemed my useless self and set me upon a rock that I cannot fall from. He has turned my life around and I owe my whole life, my whole being, to him and know that no matter what I do, it will never be repayment enough for his services. He even told me that someday, he was going to put me up in a mansion that he is preparing for me where his Father lives. He’s even promised me that I will never have to worry or suffer from any physical illnesses or injuries. Oh, how I wish he would take me there soon! This life, as it is, is sometimes too much to bare, but with his help I end up getting through it all.
He gets all of my thanks and anything else I can give him.
Thanks, Jim, for bringing this back up so that I can remember what my life’s purpose is and why I’m still here.
Your fellow servant in His service,

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