Historical Dinosaur Sightings!

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The well-known and respected Greek explorer, Herodotus, described small flying reptiles in ancient Egypt and Arabia.

Herodotus reported that the creatures had a snake-like body and bat-like wings. He recorded that he saw a canyon with many piles of their backbones and ribs.

He also wrote that the strange creatures would sometimes be found in the spice groves, and that when workers wanted to gather frankincense they would have to make fires with odorous smoke to drive the reptiles away so they could labor without being bitten by the “flying serpents.”



This well-respected Greek philosopher also reported that flying serpents were commonly seen in Ethiopia. History is filled with claims throughout the centuries of “dragons and monsters.” Are they just fables and tales? We would recommend a book by Paul S. Taylor entitled “The Great Dinosaur Mystery.”



Marco Polo lived in China for many years in the 13th century and reported that the emperor raised “dragons” to pull his chariot in parades. The emperor even appointed a “Royal Dragon Feeder” to take care of his exotic creatures. Apparently the Chinese infatuation with dragons is more than ancient myth!




Because of hoaxes and pranksters we are usually more prone to listen to the testimony of ancient historians than we are to give credence to the reports of our peers.

However, evolutionary philosophers are quick to discount the testimonies of credible men of history because the idea that dinosaurs lived amongst mankind would completely destroy the theory of evolution. Perhaps we would be wise to be a little less biased and at least consider the words of our ancient and respected historians!


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