Moses Was Trapped Between the Mountains and the Red Sea!

Discovery_News_Paper_HeaderWritten by: Chuck Anderson of Discovery News
Coral-encrusted chariot wheels litter the bottom of the Red Sea identifying the site of the Exodus where Moses was delivered and Pharaoh's army was destroyed.

Coral-encrusted chariot wheels litter the bottom of the Red Sea identifying the site of the Exodus where Moses was delivered and Pharaoh’s army was destroyed.

The discovery of chariot wheels! What an incredible confirmation of the Biblical account of the Exodus!

Pharaoh was convinced that Moses had made a critical blunder. Instead of going around the northern tip of the Red Sea to freedom, Moses suddenly turned and led his people into the Wadi Watir which is a narrow canyon that winds down to the water’s edge of the Red Sea.

At the end of the canyon was a huge beach, now a resort area called Nuweiba Beach. To the Hebrews seeking to escape from Egypt, it seemed like a death trap. Mountains to the south came right down to the water, and an Egyptian fort blocked any escape to the north.

Pharaoh’s army pursued thinking that an easy massacre was just hours away. They were right. But Pharaoh and his commanders had no way of knowing they would be the ones destroyed by walls of water that loomed up nearly 900 feet on either side of them.

Today the remnants of Pharaoh’s chariots and army still litter the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba like an ancient junk yard.

Numerous chariot axles and wheels are found at the bottom of the Red Sea

Numerous chariot axles and wheels are found at the bottom of the Red Sea!

The Gulf of Aqaba is very deep, reaching to depths of nearly 5,000 feet. The underwater terrain resembles the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona with steep drop-offs near the shorelines. Crossing the Red Sea at most spots would be absolutely impossible for a group of freedom seekers numbering one million or more, even if all the water dried up.

But at the end of Nuweiba Beach, the land slopes gently away at a 6 percent slope as it crosses the 8-mile wide gulf. This underwater roadway, approximately 200 yards wide, descends to a depth of 900 feet before it gently ascends again to the Saudi Arabian side, the ancient land of Midian where Moses had lived for 40 years in exile. This remarkable underwater roadway was the path of life and freedom for the people of Israel, but for Pharaoh and his army it was the pathway of destruction.




A highly respected researcher and marine biologist from Sweden by the name of Lennart Moller did extensive investigations at the Red Sea crossing site off the shores of Nuweiba Beach. He has authored a book entitled “The Exodus Case” and has concluded that this is definitely the site where the armies of Egypt met their doom.

Dr. Moller verified the finding of numerous horse and human bones — “Finally, the actual site of the Red Sea crossing has been shown to have a number of marine archeological remains, from some sort of disaster. This disaster included a large number of animals, horses, human beings, chariots and wheels, which are lying on the seabed of the underwater bridge. Some skeletal parts are petrified which implies that the event took place several thousand years ago. The finds are scattered over a wide area, from the west side (the coast of the Sinai Peninsula) to the east side (the coast of northwest Saudi Arabia) and imply a very extensive disaster. Altogether, these finds give a picture of a disaster that probably occurred at the time of what the Bible calls the Exodus.” (The Exodus Case, page 229)


The Canyon of Wadi Watir as it opens onto Nuweiba Beach. This is the area where the Hebrews were trapped between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army.


The deep canyon sides of the Wadi Watir would have prevented Moses and his followers from escaping from the pursuing armies of Pharaoh. Scripture calls the area “Pi-Hahiroth” which means “the mouth of the gorges.”

With the mountains on the sides and the Red Sea before them, the Hebrews were trapped when the Egyptian army closed the way of escape behind them.

No one would have dreamed that one of the greatest miracles of all time was about to free the slaves and destroy their taskmasters.


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