Cancer Victim Needs Help

If you can't help by giving, help by SHARING this post -- or both

If you can’t help by giving, help by SHARING this post — or both

Hi,  My name is Chris D.  I am trying to raise money to help my husband Mark D.   Mark and I met on the phone 8 years ago, he and I both gave up on love but somehow we found each other and got married even though we lived in different states.  Mark was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer and was not expected to live long, he was given two years and he has surpassed that by 6 extra years.  He also has nerve damage from a spinal cord tumor that he had 15 years ago that left him partially paralyzed and has problems walking.  And, with all the medication that he has had to take he now is having difficulties with his mouth and has lost several teeth (and due to lose more).

The medical expenses are becoming overwhelming and trying to keep up on his medical needs is taking a toll.  I work full time but can not keep up.  We have tried to get assistance for him but can’t seem to get any help.  I have reached my last straw and need something.  Please consider helping my husband as he is the love of my life and he means the world to me.  I would be forever greatful.

Thank you all,


Please <SHARE> in as many ways as you can.  The more people that see this, the sooner the need is met.

Thank you!

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